Campaign to End Qualified Immunity

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Qualified immunity stems from a Supreme Court interpretation of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 which grants police officers immunity from civil lawsuits with few conditions. Qualified immunity shields police from accountability, impedes true justice, and undermines the constitutional rights of every person in this country. HB 1470, The Ending Qualified Immunity Act, would end qualified immunity nationwide.

The Ending Qualified Immunity Act Would:

  • Amend Section 1983 to explicitly state that the qualified immunity doctrine invented by the Supreme Court does NOT provide police officers that brutalize or otherwise violate civil rights with defense or immunity from civil liability for their actions. 

  • End qualified immunity for all civil servants including social workers, teachers, and prison guards that violate the Constitutional rights of Americans. 

  • Clarify Congress’ original intent for Section 1983 and note the history and necessity of this protection. 

Sign if you agree: Congress must pass The Ending Qualified Immunity Act to hold bad police officers accountable.

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